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About me

At 14, my mum, sister and I found ourselves homeless. It was council housing that saved my family. Council housing was our lifeline and I am forever grateful we had it. I know what it’s like to be poor, to struggle and to feel left behind. My mum felt like she had somehow failed us. Countless other parents feel the same, when they can’t make ends meet and struggle to afford the basics for their families and themselves.

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A home for all

Housing will continue to be one of my top priorities.

I want to make sure that Lewisham does not become a place for just the wealthy but can be a home to everyone.

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Taking on the Tories

Tory austerity is a political decision that continues to have a devastating impact on the most vulnerable.

Lewisham’s next Mayor has to be a campaigning mayor ready to take on the Tories and fight austerity.

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Tackling inequality right from the start

Children growing up in Lewisham can see Canary Wharf from their bedroom window but for many children it might as well be on another continent.

Tackling inequality means fighting devastating cuts on the education of Lewisham’s children.

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